Tbilisi residencies

Tbilisi Residencies/Stamba is a program launched by Propaganda in December 2018. Its main objectives are promoting the mobility of artists, curators, and art researches and as a result, supporting the exchange of artistic experiences on an international scale.


Within the frames of the program, Propaganda hosts creative professionals living outside Georgia and offers them living and working spaces throughout the particular period.


Tbilisi Residencies also aims at accelerating Georgian exchange to abroad and is open to such cooperation with various international residences.


The program mainly functions within two divisions: 1. “International Residency” combines the artists and collectors who became program participants individually and 2. “Collaboration,” which unites the projects that have been initiated or co-organized with joint forces with partner organizations.


The working studios are located in a building of Stamba Hotel (Stamba D Block); if accommodation is granted, the artist is usually placed within a walking distance from the studios. Considering the nature of the project, the program of Tbilisi Residencies expands beyond the capital area and supports resident’s activities in different regions of Georgia.


The information on completed and ongoing projects implemented in the frames of “Tbilisi Residencies” can be found below: