Date 16 Jun, 2019
Project Type Residences

Greg Lindquist – Tbilisi Residencies / Stamba

From May 13 to June 16, a New-York based curator and artist Greg Lindquist visited Tbilisi. Lindquist first visited Georgia in 2009 and researched Soviet architecture with Giorgi Sumbadze. Invited by propaganda, this time he conducted an in-depth study of Tbilisi's ecological policies, engagement of the artistic field and current discourses of Tbilisi’s contemporary art scene.
Greg Lindquist is an artist and writer living in New York. Lindquist co-edited the Art Books in Review Section of the Brooklyn Rail from 2011 to 2017, and guest-edited Social Ecologies, a section of the publication on the ruptures and intersections of art and ecology that ran in November 2015. The piece was created in parallel with a show of the same name he curated at Rail Curatorial Projects. Lindquist is also examining the cultural practice of rolling coal, where modified diesel truck engines discharge sooty smoke, an aesthetic protest of clean air and questioning of environmental fact. He teaches at RISD and the Pratt Institute, and participated in the Whitney American Museum of Art’s Independent Study Program.
After the active research and discussions, many studio visits and working sessions with Propaganda team, the residency was summarized by two events. ``Art, Architecture and Ecology`` was a talk by Gio Sumbadze and Greg Lindquist, a slide-lecture, which coincided practices of each artist independently, collaboration projects and a presentation of future project by Lindquist, Sumbadze and Propaganda. “The social and ecological: 1970s American video and film” was a compilation curated by Lindquist and Sumbadze, which screened the reflections of politics and nature of ecology in American art where captured.