About the organization

Art organization Propaganda was founded in 2017 by an initiative group, which saw the necessity of systemic vision and consistent work within the cultural climate of the developing country. Propaganda set as its goal to record, through creation of an archive and to analyze, through cultural exchange or conscious practice, the unique topos, where, on one hand, the amateur attempts made in conditions of post-Soviet inertia, new trends oriented towards the Western art syntax and, on the other hand, the historically abundant cultural legacy created an unusual blend and a distinctive action area for art.

Shortage of information in a traditional society, low level of development of the cultural industry, scarcity of education and permanent workspaces for independent artists created an urgent demand to establish a platform, which would unite the existing assets and conduct an uncensored, lively dialogue for the purpose of common development.


Propaganda is an escape from inertial movement and implies daring, bold, urgent action. Propaganda is a free and growing network, which disseminates an incentive for self-expression and values of creative freedom loudly and as an urgent agenda.

Main objectives of the organization are development of the local art scene, contributing to creation of contemporary art industry and absorbing the relevant experience existing in the world; meditating upon international art institutions and their policies, comprehending their principles and adapting them to the local unique context; intensification and study of art criticism and curating; creating free art spaces, supporting and discovering local artists and making existing resources accessible to them; finally, increasing creative awareness within society and making cultural life more active.

Propaganda considers, that Tbilisi’s with its current geo-political context, ideally reflects global issues and at the same time, in the process of comparative self-inspection, designs completely new myths, sign-systems and artefacts. Therefore, our main creative interests are driven towards societally involved and interdisciplinary research-based projects, which maximally mirror the aspects of daily life and will create innovative contents, through conducting observations upon this “zeitgeist”.

Propaganda is interested in projects and works, which question the recognized grammar of art and reevaluate the essential idea of creativity, whether it is traditional or a newly developed craft... science, technology, eco-politics or any customs emerging in society. Intuition, spontaneous connections, society, experimental science and modern folklore are the keywords we want to hear through any working medium

Contact: info@propaganda.network