“Environment, where contemporary art initiates change”

Aimed at developing, internationalising and making contemporary art accessible, the mission of Propaganda on the one hand, is to promote professional development of the artists, increase their visibility and provide them with convenient working environment and on the other hand, to initiate/support research-based and educational projects.

All started in 2013, when the initiative group received the funding from Zaza Daraseli Foundation for the creation of Contemporary Art Archive. The Archive along with other creative projects have been finally realised from 2017 onwards, when Propaganda was officially institutionalised with the support of the businessman, Temur Ugulava.

As a result of collaborations with freelance creative professionals and arts institutions, Propaganda has implemented up to 50 projects, constituting 6 progrmmes:

1. “Tbilisi Residencies” promotes the transnational mobility of artists, curators, and art researches.

2. “Spaces” unites “Collective Studio”, print and neon workshops and Guest Organisations sub-programmes. “Collective Studio” provides convenient working environment, basic work materials and tools for the artists.

3. The “Exhibition” program covers small-, medium- and large-scale exhibitions, amongst them the annual project – Oxygen_Tbilisi_No_Fair.

4. In the frames of the “Support” programme, the organisation periodically provides support for independent creative initiatives via open calls or direct support scheme.

5. One of the major projects in the frame of “Education and Research” programme is Contemporary Art Archive, encompassing multimedia information about the last 5 decades’ art contexts.

6. “Sonic Arts Lab.” operates space where musicians have the opportunity to improvise, exchange resources and conduct sectorial research.
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Office: 4 Vashlovani str., 0108, Tbilisi, Georgia

Stamba D Block: 4 Kostava str., 0108, Tbilisi, Georgia