Research & Education

Propaganda sets its aims and tasks based on research and content analysis. Additionally, the organization is actively involved in the processes of field research and education.


The initiative group of Propaganda founders started to work on the archive of contemporary art as early as 2013, which was systemized in 2017 and went online in the same year.


As of today, “Archive of Contemporary Art” consists of 106 artist portfolios,  12 video interviews created in cooperation with Artarea 2.0 broadcasting, a critical monograph of the 1970s, and private archives of 4 contributors. The platform is multimedia and bilingual (ENG / GEO).


Upon the necessity of educational spaces, Propaganda NAPR implements the project entitled “Extern.” It introduces the internationally acclaimed education format of collective readings. The pilot version was launched in 2018 and consisted of two main courses: critical theory and analysis of contemporary art.


Through its web platform, Propaganda presents a blog which tells various stories of art and culture. The bilingual platform intends to present unique information, stories and visual material around visual art, music, theatre, literature and other means of creative expression. Additionally, it covers different significant and timely issues in society for Georgian and International readers. The platform is multimedia and bilingual (ENG/GEO).