Date 28 Oct, 2021
Project Type news/other

Tony Just – was born in the US, and is currently living and working in Berlin. During the past 20 years, his works have been exhibited at Efremidis (Berlin, Germany), Federico Bianchi Contemporary Art ( Milan, Italy), Sommer & Kohl ( Berlin, Germany), Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New (York City, US), KARMA (New York City, US) and others.

The artist’s practice focuses on the meditative possibilities with colors and shapes, where the body communication with the working materials becomes a central part of his practice. Tony Just paints in books, on paper, canvas, and walls. Over the past seven years, he has worked with shapes and drips, a project inspired by Hans Fallada’s novel The Drinker (1950). Personally and artistically, Tony Just has lived through an extended period of transition. In the process, he set out to heal, and consequently, his work developed profoundly as well. Energy healing technique – REIKI is actively present in his workshops as well as in creative practice for over years.

During his residency in Tbilisi, Tony will be making new work as well as continuing to research orthodox icons and religious mural painting. The healing potential of making art, the use of meditation, and the power of touch and channeling energy are essential components of his current art-making. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and Hunter College‘s MFA program, Tony will be sharing his experience of making art with 4th-year students at VAADS, Free University of Tbilisi.

The artist is represented  by EFREMIDIS gallery in Berlin



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