Date 09 Aug, 2019
Project Type Residences

Ser Serpas – Resident Artist / Tbilisi Residencies

“Poetry is as it was, split second decisions mean more that any meditation, what I am able to do in the moment with my arms, thighs, strength, becomes the practice. Constraints then come to mold the poems; in removing myself from harm's way via dispossession, I care as much about my body as I can bear, literally, usually on top of me, up some stairs, down a flight. I am refracted by the tension in these exercises, my wrestling coach taught me to lift with my legs, not my back, its takes practice, it takes an athlete to coax a story from detritus.”
Ser Serpas will be taking part in Tbilisi Residencies / Stamba program in august 2019. Born in 1995, Los Angeles, she received her B.A. in visual arts at Columbia University (2017). Solo and two-person exhibitions include Against Attachment, Ludlow 38, New York (2019); what we need is another body, Truth and Consequences, Geneva (2019); Stars are Blind, LC Queissier (with Sitara Abuzar Ghaznawi), Tbilisi (2019); you were created to be so young (self-harm and exercise), LUMA Westbau, Zurich (2018); Bare Teeth, Queer Thoughts (with Bri Williams), New York (2018); and Dust Patterns, Current Projects, Miami (2017). Recent group exhibitions include Company Gallery, New York (2019); Swiss Institute, New York; Gavin Brown’s enterprise, New York; Performance Space, New York (all 2018); and Karma International, Los Angeles (2017). Serpas lives and works between New York and Genev