Date 28 May, 2020
Project Type news/other

“38 Aghmashenebeli Avenue” – Open call winning project by Ivliane Chitidze

On April 7, Propaganda announced an open competition for strengthening creative processes hindered as a result of the pandemic. Priority was given to digital works and / or any medium that would be represented online. The project of film maker, Iva Chitidze won the competition. The video (draft title) “38 Aghmashenebeli Ave.``, is a 10-year research around one of the historical districts of Tbilisi. The variability of the street residents, change in urban organization and architecture tells an authentic and alternative story of a developing country with its focused gaze, meditative nature and reflection on the common space.

Keep an eye on the details of development and the final stages of the project via propaganda Facebook page and website.