Date 28 Jan, 2019
Project Type Project-based

Tbilisi Residencies/Stamba – a new project by Propaganda hosts a cooperative from France

Per Aspera Ad Astra (“through hardships to the stars) is dedicated to global warming and critical conditions of environment. After a research of animals close to extinction, French artists, François Andes and Pascal Marquilly are creating graphics that are intended to disappear. Residencies managed by Propaganda will host them at stamba4 art spaces. The artists are members of Groupe A - Coopérative culturelle. Be it installation, sculpture, graphics, video-art, performance or film, the works of Andes and Marquilly almost always carry a message of upcoming catastrophe (see below). The dynamic graphical illustrations are a main structural element of “Per Aspera ad Astra”, a process art which will be presented in Lille, France in April and in Tbilisi in 2020.
The project is implemented in the frames of “AAA” residency program, Propaganda has also joined a partnership with French Institute of Georgia, along with Region Hauts-de-France, La Condition Publique, Rigolatis commons, L'Atelier du livre d'Art et de l'Estampe de l'Imprimerie nationale, Gutenberg Networks, Mulliez Richebé, Techshop Leroy Merlin and IDPlast.

Per Aspera Ad Astra

François Andes

Pascal Marguilly