Date 05 Mar, 2019
Project Type Collaborations


Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2018


From October 26 to November 3, 2018 the international Tbilisi Architecture Biennial took place. The event was completely focused around the main theme: “Buildings are not enough”, which concerned research of informal urban and social spaces of residential districts.

The goal of the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial is to thoroughly comprehend the post-Soviet transformation era and to investigate, how these changes are being reflected upon urban environment, its consumers and how society participates in these processes.

The Biennial consisted of activities held in both indoor and outdoor spaces, including exhibitions, symposiums, public lectures, guided tours of Gldani, showings, performances, urban and architectural installations.

As a result of cooperation with the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, Propaganda facilitated creation of five works. Part of these works were initiated by the Architecture Biennial and some – by Propaganda.

You can see detailed information about the projects by clicking the following links:

Detailed information about the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial is available on webpage:

Babau Bureau – Mausoleo
Joanna Zabielska – C’MON_ROOM
Reijiro Wada – Scarlet Window
Nika Kutateladze – To Protect My House while I’m away
Lado Lomitashvili – Water and everything resistant