Date 01 May, 2019
Project Type Collective Studio

Salome Dumbadze 10th of March – Present

Salome Dumbadze (born in 1992) lives and works in Tbilisi.
She graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts (2010-2014).
CCA – Master’s degree from the Center of Contemporary Art.
She creates traditional paintings and experiments with different materials in different mediums.In her works, specific objects are presented in empty environments, which are often either covered in rhythmic lines or complete tonality.
Salome Dumbadze often collaborates with Qeu Meparishvili in a project titled “Shram”, where artists work on installations and fashion design. Her noteworthy exhibitions include “Project 3016” a 2017 collaboration with Qeu Meparishvili and Mika Motksobili – National Science Library, curator – Nina Pataradze. Solo exhibition in Small Gallery – “Observation of the Player in the sand” – 2018. Annual exhibition – Oxygen No Fair – “Unchewable constructs” (Stamba D block). Tbilisi Art Market – 2018 – part of Gallery Project Artbeat’s group exhibition.
The three obliques of a perspective 2019 – Exhibition venue “Maudi” – part of a group exhibition, curated by Nino Sakandelidze.