Date 18 Jun, 2018
Project Type Exhibitions

Oxygen_ Tbilisi No Fair

First, there was a blazing death. Then - oxygen, after that - bacteria, viruses and humans with their diverse, sporadic bugs.

Viral creativity will be spread in the publishing house (STAMBA), undergoing transitional period, as an exercise for the immune system, 17 - 20 May.

2 floors of the building will be hosting a growing number of artists of various backgrounds for 4 days. There will be 33 solo and 2 group expositions. The rooms in accordance with a street numbering system together with dynamic narratives will create a frequency which goes hand in hand with the post-medium state of contemporary art.

OXYGEN is a glimpse into the active creative force in Georgia. And If we look at the outer space through the lenses of the chaos ordered by this force, we might just be able to locate ourselves on the map of the world art.


Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili / Giorgi Alkhazishvili / Shotiko Aptsiauri / Lia Bagrationi / Tamar Berianidze / Yuri Berishvili / CCA-T / Ana Chaduneli / Tamar Chaduneli / Salome Chigilashvili / Chubika / Collective inChina / Salome Dumbadze / Andro Eradze / David Giorgadze / Thea Gvetadze in Collaboration with Gvantsa Sanikidze/ Temo Javakhi / Salome Jokhadze / Keti Kapanadze / Nikoloz Kapanadze / Lado Lomitashvili / Maxime Machaidze / Salome Machaidze / Giorgi Maghradze / Nino Sakandelidze / Nino Sekhniashvili / Gigi Shukakidze / Gio Sumbadze / Ana Tabatadze / Nanuka Tchitchoua & Wade Ivy collaboration with Bibi Asatiani/ Liza Tsindeliani / VAADS / Koka Vashakidze / Thw Why Not Gallery / Patara Gallery