Date 09 Apr, 2020
Project Type news/other is announcing an open for artists in support of creative activities that might have slowed down as a result of the current virus outbreak.

There are no restrictions on implementation methods and the medium of works within the competition.

Due to the ongoing format of communication, digital projects will be prioritized, as well as any project that can be presented effectively online/on digital platforms.

To participate, an applicant must present the following documents no later than 00:00 of May 1; via email:

1. Project description (a maximum of 250 words);

2. The draft of visual concept;

3. Budget * (which should not exceed 1,000.00 GEL).

All types of categories of expenses are allowed in the budget

For further questions, you can contact us via:

The date of the announcement of the winner: 15/05/2020

Deadline of project implementation: 30/05/2020