Date 05 Apr, 2019
Project Type Residences

Leila Hekmat – Tbilisi Residencies/Stamba

A Berlin-based interdisciplinary artist, Leila Hekmat will participate in Propaganda’s newly launched program Tbilisi Residencies/Stamba. Hekmat writes, directs, and creates sculptural costumes for experimental theater pieces performed for intimate audiences. Highly aestheticized and equal part parody and earnest portrait, the pieces often end in disillusionment, death or delusion. An orgy of costumes and studied misfit characters left trapped by self-imposed limitations, insecurities and paralyzing self-hatred.
Leila Hekmat was born in Los Angeles, USA, 1981. She graduated from Parsons with B.A. in photography and after finishing her MFA course in the same discipline in 2010, her works have been actively presented in various art scenes in Hong Kong, Krakow, Berlin, London, Glasgow, etc.
A well-known Isabella Bortolozzi Gallery can be mentioned as Hekmat's artistic home today, where one can view the listing of her latest and key works. Leila Hekmat will visit on April 8th and will remain in Tbilisi for two months.