Date 06 Mar, 2019
Project Type Sonic Arts Laboratory

Laboratory of Sonic Arts at Propaganda

Laboratory of Sonic Arts opened on February 15. The Event covered a small presentation of laboratory programme and continued with live improvisational session. The musicians were: Natalie Beridze, Giogi Zagareli, Ben Wheeler and curator of Laboratory, Vazha Marr.

The presentation was streamed live with the support of ArtArea and Radio “Tempo. The evening was sponsored by “9 Mta” beer.

In parallel with development of musical industries, scene and musical business routine in Georgia, Propaganda sees the necessity of retaining the open practice of shared support and mutual aid, which is so characteristic of our culture – music, as an intimate art sphere itself, it is directly connected to informal connections. The laboratory is exactly the space, which will raise this custom to the institutional level. The studio, where those musicians will have the opportunity to constantly improvise, exchange resources and conduct research. The laboratory believes that speaking in the language of sound goes beyond the “profession of musician”: hence, will actively conduct transdisciplinary researches. Development of a sound bank is an important element of the program. Permanent activities of the laboratory include: development of sound installations and sound-art, crafting non-standard sound tools and generating new sounds, international residency and collaboration with sister institutions and initiatives; performances of free and experimental format in virtual or public space – “Allochronic”; educational activities.

Photographer: Tiku Kobiashvili for “The Messenger”