Date 02 Feb, 2018
Project Type Collaborations

“Thin Ice”

Gio Sumbadze is a multimedia artist from Georgia. His main medium of choice is photography, however, he also works with videos, installations and graphic design.
Since 1994, Gio Sumbadze has been collaborating with various artists and curators in and outside of Georgia. He has worked individually, as well as in artistic collectives, such as GosLab and URL.
Mainly, Sumbadze’s works are focused on architecture, natural structures and urban planning that sometimes repeats the shapes of nature, sometimes goes right against it. Like he says, his works are “typological documentations of architecture, time and space”.
His work, “Kamikadze Gallery”, was an important part of the Georgian pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale, as it served as the pavilion itself.
Sumbadze’s been working with ecology for a while. His exhibition,“Thin Ice”, showcasing a photo series by the artist, is on this very subject. An important part of the concept is the location of the exposition - the Institute of Geophysics, Atmospheric Physics Research Department.
“Thin Ice”, Gio Sumbadze’s personal exhibition, was open June 25, 2017, at the Atmospheric Physics Research Department of the Institute of Geophysics. The exhibition was made possible as a collaboration between Sou Festival and Propaganda.

Concept of the exhibition:
The pollution of air and environment are hugely important topics, and even though they cause a multitude of problems, they don’t ever get enough attention from us. The air quality index is getting worse by the day, green spaces are shrinking and it gets harder and harder to breathe.
“Thin Ice” is an exposition by Gio Sumbadze on the subject of pollution, or, to be more precise, the already polluted environment. The location of the exposition, the Atmospheric Physics Research Department of the Institute of Geophysics (currently out of working order due to a multitude of reasons), is a part of the concept as well.
Curated by Ana Gabelaia