Date 09 Aug, 2019
Project Type Sonic Arts Laboratory

Last week, #FIRSTDATE by CROSSLUCID has premiered on 4:3 boiler room.
A film which was a part pf the project developed in Tbilisi Residencies / Stamba by an interdisciplinary collective and synthesis of Sylv Zed and Tomas C. Toth.
Among many collaborators from Tbilisi, the sound and music for the film was curated by our  Laboratory Of Sonic Arts  , with  VAZHMARR  and  G I Y O (Giorgi Kutchukhidze) #FIRSTDATE opened as an exhibition in Artarea Gallery and followed by a talk which was broadcast as part of multi-format activation that took place in London with LN-CC x and Tbilisi.


Follow this link for a full sequence: