Date 11 Sep, 2020
Project Type Direct

“Clearing A Forrest, Constructing A Temple” by Shotiko Aptsiauri

On July 19th Propaganda opened Shotiko Aptsiauri’s solo show, “Clearing A Forrest, Constructing A Temple” which was created sight-specifically in collaboration with the Ambrolauri Museum of Fine Arts. Exhibition’s artistic advisor was an internationally acclaimed artist Thea Djorjadze.

A timely commentary on recent political developments in Ratcha region, asks some of the most painful questions: Is it necessary for a human being to have an influence upon nature and if so, where are the boundaries between human nature and its natural environment? Between a forest and a temple, which is a haven for an insecure being and which is a spiritual battlefield? Aptsiauri’s analysis on the universal dilemma of a man’s historical existence between artificial and natural develops from local political, cultural and social reality, and boils down to the form of a painful, confessional monologue. Ambrolauri Museum of Fine Arts hosted a unity of contrasting installations in one exhibition space. The artist also displayed the museum items that has never been seen before by the large audience: historically significant artifacts and pieces from various ages of Georgian history of art.