Arts organization Propaganda, in cooperation with Fablab Techpark, would like to announce an open call for the workshop project.

The aim of the cooperation between Propaganda and Fablab Techpark is to promote the use of modern technologies in the process of making contemporary art in Georgia.

The project allows the artists to work with the equipment available at Techpark Fablabs in Tbilisi:

  • Laser cutter
  • Computerized (CNC?) lathe
  • Vacuform machine
  • 3D printers
  • Thermo presses
  • Computerized sewing machine

Detailed information about the equipment is available at:

Detailed description of Fablab Techpark equipment and services:



Both individual artists and artist/curator groups are eligible for the call. The applications will be reviewed by a panel of selected Propaganda and Fablab Techpark representatives. One or more projects will be selected.

In the course of the project, Propaganda and Techpark will provide:

  • Access to equipment at Fablab workshops;
  • Access to equipment at Propaganda workshops (neon workshop, screen printing workshop);
  • Materials needed for the project;
  • Transportation costs for participants and materials to TechPark Fablab;
  • Artwork presentation/exhibition on completion.

To apply, please send applicant (artist/curator) portfolios at: and fill in the application form online, at:

Application deadline: April 25, 2018

For additional questions, contact us at: Propaganda.Network