Date 02 Feb, 2018
Project Type Collaborations

My Silent Response is Your Blind Guide

'Propaganda' is pleased to present Andro Eradze's solo exhibition 'My Silent Response is Your Blind Guide'.

Defining ones identity is crucially dependent on the memory. Experiences and remembrances of facts from the different stages of one's life create a base to form the unique, individual identity.

However, the memory we have on certain things is changing every time we are trying to recall it. Our minds are filling in the gaps and with time passing some memories become a lie though following the thread of the truth - something which has never happened. In cases as such, one does not realize that the memories have changed and believe that everything happened in exact same way as they remember.

Occasionally, when memory is not strong enough it is hard to understand if we are dealing with personal experience, story we have heard, parts of our dream, something wrongly interpreted during the very first acquaintance or something unreal - something invented.

In the era of new medias, when we receive information even when we are not mentally prepared for that, keeping memories ``clean`` is getting harder and harder. The reality we see might be intentionally or unintentionally modified by someone else and our mind is endangered to understand and store it as something real.

``My silent response is your blind guide`` is a project by Andro Eradze, which is aiming to ask questions about the importance/meaning of the past, research the phenomena of false memory and the links between typologies of it by rethinking and making the personal experiences public.

The project was realized with full support of NNLE ``Propaganda``, in the frame of the studio open call.

During the opening of the exhibition you will have opportunity to attend the launch of the limited edition book ``to all those untitled events`` and purchase it. The book is supported by TBC Bank.